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Lexus records of theft in the VIN report

200t 300 300h 350 450h 460 570 base ct ct 200 ct 200h ct hybrid ct200h es es 300 es 300h es 300h hybrid es 330 es 350 es hybrid es v6 es250 es300 es300h es330 es350 f sport gs gs 200t gs 200t ba gs 300 gs 300 4x2 gs 300 awd gs 350 gs 350 awd gs 350 bas gs 400 gs 430 gs 450h gs 450h hy gs 460 gs f gs generat gs generation 200 gs generation 2006 gs hybrid gs turbo gs-f gs300 gs300 gen 2006 gs350 gs400 gs430 gs430 gen 2006 gs450 gs450h gs460 gx gx 460 gx 460 awd gx 460 pre gx 460 premium gx 470 gx base gx premium gx460 gx470 hs hs 250h hs250 hs250h hybrid is is 200 is 200t is 220 is 250 is 250 4x2 is 250 awd is 250c is 300 is 300 spo is 300h is 350 is 350c is 4x2 4c is c is f is-f is250 is250 awd is300 is300 spor is350 is350 awd lc lc 500 lc 500h lc500 lfa ls ls 400 ls 430 ls 430 premium ls 460 ls 460l ls 500 ls 500 ls 500 bas ls 500h ls 500h ls 600h ls 600h l ls400 ls430 ls460 ls460 awd ls460l ls460l awd ls600hl lx lx 450 lx 470 lx 570 lx470 lx470 4x4 lx570 not available nx nx 200t nx 200t awd nx 200t ba nx 200t fwd nx 300 nx 300 bas nx 300h nx fwd nx 300 nx hybrid nx200t nx300 other premium rc rc 200t rc 300 rc 350 rc 350 awd rc f rc f 5.0l v8 coupe with 6k original miles rc-f rc350 rx rx 300 rx 300 4wd rx 300 4wd luxury rx 300 fwd rx 330 rx 330 awd rx 330 fwd rx 350 rx 350 awd rx 350 bas rx 350 fwd rx 350 l rx 350l rx 400 rx 400 hyb rx 400h rx 400h awd rx 400h awd hybrid rx 450 rx 450h rx 450h ba rx 450hl rx fwd rx hybrid rx300 rx300 2wd rx300 awd rx330 rx330 awd rx350 rx400 rx400h rx450 rx450h sc sc 400 sc 430 sc430 ux ux 200 ux 250h ux hybrid wgn 2wd