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Toyota records of theft in the VIN report

1794 1794 crewmax 5.7l v8 4 runner 4-dr limited 4-runner 4runner 4runner 2wd sr5 4runner 2wd v6 limited 4runner 2wd v6 sr5 4runner 4wd 4runner 4wd sr5 4runner 4wd v6 limited 4runner 4wd v6 sr5 4runner 4wd v6 sr5 sport 4runner 4wd v8 limited 4runner 4wd v8 sr5 4runner 4x2 4runner 4x2 v6 4runner 4x4 4runner 4x4 v6 4runner li 4runner limited 4runner lt 4runner ltd 4runner sport 4runner sr 4runner sr5 4runner trail 4runner trd 4x4 double cab 7104 86 86 base 86 gt 8664 auris av hyb av xle avalon avalon bas avalon hyb avalon hybrid avalon limited avalon touring avalon v6 avalon xl avalon xle avalon xls avensis avensis verso aygo aygo 1 base c hr c-hr c-hr xle camry camry 4c camry 4c ce camry 4c hybrid camry 4c hybrid xle camry 4c l camry 4c le camry 4c se camry 4c xle camry 4c xse camry base camry ce camry hybr camry hybrid camry l camry le camry le a camry new camry new gen camry new generat camry new generation camry se camry sola camry solara camry solara 4c camry solara 4c se camry solara se camry solara v6 camry solara v6 sle camry special camry standard camry trd camry v6 camry v6 le camry v6 se camry v6 xle camry xle camry xse camry-le celica celica gt celica gt- celica gts ch-r chaser cmax cor l corolla corolla 50th corolla ba corolla base corolla ce corolla ec corolla hatchback corolla hybrid corolla im corolla l corolla le corolla ma corolla matrix corolla s corolla s premium corolla se corolla sp corolla sport corolla ve corolla verso corolla xle corolla xr corolla xrs corolla xs corolla xse corona corrola corrolla echo echo base fj fj cruiser fj cruiser 4x4 gr supra grade grde gt86 highlander highlander 4wd highlander 4wd v6 highlander 4wd v6 hybrid highlander 4wd v6 limited highlander awd highlander base highlander fwd 4c highlander fwd 4c base highlander fwd v6 highlander fwd v6 le highlander fwd v6 limited highlander hybrid highlander le highlander limited highlander plus highlander se highlander sport highlander xle highlnder highlndr highlndr 4x4 highlndr 4x4 v6 highlndr awd highlndr awd v6 highlndr fwd highlndr fwd 4c highlndr fwd v6 hilux hino iq iq1.33 land land cruis land cruiser land cruiser-serien landcruise landcruiser landcruiser s landcruisr le limited matrix matrix awd matrix awd s matrix awd xr matrix bas matrix base matrix fwd matrix fwd 4c matrix fwd s matrix fwd xr matrix l matrix s matrix s a matrix standard matrix xr matrix xr awd matrix xrs mirai mr2 mr2 spyder not available other other ce platinum previa prih prius prius base prius c prius five prius four prius hybrid prius hybrid base prius hybrid i prius hybrid iv prius hybrid persona prius plug prius plug in prius plug-in prius plug-in hybrid prius prim prius prime prius three prius touring prius two prius v prius v hybrid proace proace verso rav 4 rav 4 2 rav-4 rav4 rav4 awd rav4 fwd rav4 4wd rav4 4wd 4c rav4 4wd v6 sport rav4 4x4 rav4 4x4 4c rav4 adven rav4 awd rav4 awd limited rav4 awd xle rav4 base rav4 ev rav4 fwd rav4 fwd 4c rav4 fwd 4c limited rav4 fwd v6 limited rav4 fwd xle rav4 hv rav4 hv hy rav4 hv le rav4 hv li rav4 hv se rav4 hv xl rav4 hybrid rav4 l rav4 le rav4 le hyb rav4 limit rav4 limited rav4 ltd rav4 ltd new gen rav4 new gen rav4 newgener rav4 prime rav4 se rav4 sport rav4 sport new gen rav4 xle rav4 xle p rav4 xse rav4hy rpm 26fbsxfg scion scion fr-s scion ia scion im scion iq scion tc scion xa scion xb scion xd se sequoia sequoia 2wd limited sequoia 2wd sr5 sequoia 4wd limited sequoia 4wd sr5 sequoia 4x2 sequoia 4x4 sequoia 4x4 v8 sequoia li sequoia limited sequoia limited edition sequoia pl sequoia platinum sequoia sr sequoia sr5 sienna sienna awd sienna awd le sienna bas sienna camper van sienna ce sienna fwd sienna fwd ce sienna fwd le sienna fwd xle sienna l sienna le sienna lim sienna limited sienna se sienna spo sienna xle solara sr sr5 sr5 double cab supra supra base t tac4 tacoma tacoma 2wd tacoma 2wd 4c tacoma 2wd 4c sr tacoma 2wd v6 prerunner tacoma 4wd tacoma 4wd v6 tacoma 4x2 tacoma 4x2 4c tacoma 4x2 db tacoma 4x2 ex tacoma 4x2 rg tacoma 4x2 v6 tacoma 4x4 tacoma 4x4 db tacoma 4x4 ex tacoma 4x4 v6 tacoma acc tacoma access cab tacoma access cab 2wd w tacoma base tacoma dbc tacoma dcs tacoma dou tacoma double cab tacoma doublecab tacoma doublecab lg tacoma limited tacoma pickup 4wd 4c base tacoma pre tacoma prerunner tacoma prerunner lon tacoma prerunneracce tacoma prerunnerdoub tacoma sr tacoma sr5 tacoma trd tacoma x-r tacoma x-runner tacoma x-runner acce tacoma xtr tacoma xtracab tacoma xtracab preru tanker trd pro tundra tundra 1794 tundra 1794 edition tundra 2wd tundra 2wd sr5 tundra 2wd truck tundra 2wd v6 sr5 tundra 2wd v8 tundra 2wd v8 sr5 tundra 4wd tundra 4wd truck tundra 4wd v8 ffv tundra 4wd v8 ffv 1794 tundra 4wd v8 limited tundra 4wd v8 sr5 tundra 4x2 cr tundra 4x2 db tundra 4x2 ex tundra 4x2 v8 tundra 4x4 tundra 4x4 cr tundra 4x4 ex tundra 4x4 rg tundra 4x4 v8 tundra acc tundra access cab tundra access cab sr tundra cre tundra crewmax tundra crewmax limit tundra crewmax sr5 tundra dou tundra double cab tundra double cab li tundra double cab sr tundra grade tundra lim tundra limited tundra limited edition tundra platinum tundra sr tundra sr5 tundra trd urban cruiser venza venza awd v6 venza base venza fwd venza fwd 4c venza fwd v6 venza le venza xle verso verso s verso-s xb xle xse yaris yaris base yaris hatchback yaris ia yaris l yaris le yaris se yaris sedan yaris verso yaris-verso